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Nagashima Countdown is just a western favor event, primarily for the youth generation. On New Year's Eve, Omisoka in Japanese, the Japanese eat Toshikoshi Soba noddles over the year , hear Joya no Kane ring bells of temples ring over the year , visit a shrine for Ninen-Mairi over the year visit or Hatsu-Moude the first visit of the year , and see Hatsu-Hinode the first sunrise of the year.

Nara and Kyoto are full of temples and shrines. There is the top shrine Ise Jingu in Shima Peninsula. This peninsula is a good place to see Hatsu-Hinode. That is a reason for the overnight operation of Kintetsu Railways.

The east edges are Kusatsu and Sakurai stations. Atsuta Jingu Shrine Nagoya : 2. You would see many Japanese who wear Kimono or Furisode on the way to Ise.

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He had no time to see the official timetables during Dec 31 - Jan 1 shown in my post. Anyway, here I list up some other events in Osaka metro.

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If you could find something interesting to you, you might not have to stay up as late as However, at least two in Wakayama marked with x are not covered by the overnight operation of JR West. In the case that you leave Nabana no Sato at , the closing time of the illumination, you would arrive at Kintetsu-Nagashima station at Illumination Nabana no Sato Sanco Bus yen Kintetsu-Nagashima for Dec 30 - Jan 3. Kusatsu is in the region of the JR overnight operation.

So, you could get back to your hotel in Osaka. JR Tsuge is on the way and covered by the Pass. So the cost for a return from Nabana no Sato is yen. JR Tsuruhashi is on the way and covered by the Pass. Then, the cost for this return is yen. Or, you could reach Osaka-Namba by , all by Kintetsu Railways.

The total cost for this return with the Sanco Bus is yen. If you give up Nagashima Countdown, you could come back to Osaka rather economical, but you would be on a JR train to Kyoto at the time of the new year comes. So, there would be two choices for a countdown event. With one and a half left, you would be able to take part in some countdown event in Kyoto, Nara, or Osaka. The total becomes yen. Thank you so much for this wonderful and details guide Its very helpful by Antonio rate this post as useful. Sign In.

Japan Year-end Getaway 2018: Nabana No Sato

Question Forum. Will Kansai pass valid for the train Im using Kansai pass for my day trip to Hiroshima as well Many Thanks in advance. Why day trip? Very few and even fewer would go even further to get to the garden. From October to May there is an amazing Winter Illumination which leaves many Christmas markets in Europe far, far behind. There are two long tunnels of little lamps, light performances and even mulled wine to complete the whole experience.

There are a few restaurants as well as food stands in the park. As usual in Japan… the price.

Nabana no Sato Winter Illumination

The entrance costs yen that's including a yen voucher that you can spend in one of the shops and restaurants. Still, I would say Nabana no Sato is worth the price. Your email address will not be published.


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