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This chart shows the US cities where the Enjoy the City books can be sold and redeemed:. High School budgets simply do not have the funds to get the extra uniforms or pay for assistant coaches. Our coach cam to us with coupon books that had coupons for lots of valley restaurants and activities. To motivate the players we were told for every 10 books we sell we are able to keep one book for ourselves. With the booklet that you kept you could sell to make money, that was the incentive. The key to our selling was location, we went to the local supermarket and asked there manager if we could sell booklets outside there store.

They approved so we stood outside and asked people if they could help our team.

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I personally sold 35 books and my partner did as well. It was a great experience.

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One idea that my womens group came up with was a coupon book with a variety of services. And, if you need further justification to use discount coupon books for fundraising, check out this eye-opening infographic:. Brought to you by Valpak.

Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. No hidden costs or fees. In case you were not already convinced of the benefits of ValueBook, here are some more reasons to consider.

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Step 1: Get Coupons. Bring the money and the forms to us so we can print your ValueBooks as quickly as possible! By the way: you have not spent even a penny on your ValueBooks!

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