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That is where the stockpile comes in. But, how did I get to that point? The point of being able to live on food I already have while buying only the free and cheap items that are available each week. A process that takes about three months.

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During that three month process, you will be building up a stockpile for your pantry and your freezer by buying the items, when they are priced at the lowest price you have seen, and then stocking up on them. You will notice, along that three month period, that your price point for each in your stockpile will gradually decrease. To get yourself in the drivers seat, you need to build up a stockpile. If you answered yes to all three questions, then go for it.


Buy it and add it to your growing stockpile. That is a good question and is unique to each family as it depends on what you use and what your family likes. The list is long but here are some basic items:. Start your stockpile slowly only looking for those items that are cheap or free. Continue doing your regular grocery shopping during that time. Within 4 weeks of starting to build your stockpile, you will start to see your grocery bill go down as you trim out some of the items that are already sitting in your stockpile.

Within 8 weeks, your grocery shopping will really start to turn over to just those free items and filling in your stockpile.

When considering stock-up prices, keep in mind your brand preferences. Strict brand loyalty will limit your opportunities, so think about which brands you'd prefer to use and which ones you'd be comfortable using.

A good price on a brand you prefer can be more valuable than a great price on another brand, but consider the differences closely. Soaps, detergents and razors are things your family uses every day.

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When you are considering stockpiling these items, keep in mind the price you would have to pay on short notice if you happened to run out. This, along with your knowledge of the items' price range, will give you a good idea of when to buy a few, and when to buy as many as you have room for. Learn How to Save the Most on the Items You Use the Most Great deals on personal care items provide good opportunities to stock up on items that your family uses every day. Video: Couponing Stockpiling Toiletries and Personal Items Sam shows us how to manage our stockpile for all our personal care and household items from shampoo to toilet paper and body washes to razors.

Simple Methods for Stockpiling Your Personal Items Unlike stockpiling food items , when you buy personal items in larger quantities, you often do not have to worry about expiration dates.

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Organizing your Space Your available space is an important factor. Choosing the Right Time to Stockpile Knowing the range of prices for the items you use often will allow you to recognize a great deal when you see it.

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